Installing OpenBCI

This section covers installing and running the Lab Streaming Layer branch of Starcat’s fork of OpenBCI. We can’t use the regular released version of OpenBCI because Starcat has modified OpenBCI to take Lab Streaming Layer input, and these changes haven’t made it back into the main released version.

  1. Download the latest version of the Processing app

  2. Using git, clone the Starcat fork of OpenBCI_GUI

    $ git clone
  3. Switch to the feature/lsl-input-and-clinical-eeg-bandpass-filter branch

    $ git checkout feature/lsl-input-and-clinical-eeg-bandpass-filter
  4. Using Processing, open the OpenBCI_GUI directory that you cloned in the step 2 (File > Open on a Mac, for instance).

  5. Click the Run button

  6. OpenBCI should start up